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Rough Diamond PR actively supports it’s clients.  We help our clients develop  a long term vision and strategy to get there.

Rough Diamond spots opportunities and takes action on these.We like to be there to offer our clients guidance and encouragement to get out in the world to showcase their talent!

Rough diamond PR has a global network of support to help get you to the public occasion so that you can increase your exposure and popularity.

The entertainment business is a chess game – Rough diamond PR helps develop the moves of the talent we manage in order win this game.

We guide our clients through the confusing show-business world. We use channels such as television, radio, magazines and events.

Rough diamond spot talent and work with it to lead our clients to success!

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What We Do

Public Relations

We put our contact book to use and arrange opportunities to promote yourself and what you do. We specifically help you select and appear at public appearance opportunities in order to increase your public profile.

Profile Management

We then use our experience to manage your progress as you expand your potential as an artist. We want to build a lasting relationship so we can learn how we work and succeed together.

Our Process

  • SEE IT
  • DO IT

SEE IT – Rough Diamond is all about spotting the right opportunities for you. We like to build a relationship with our clients so that we can tailor each opportunity to go public with your talent.  The goal is to build a specific high quality portfolio of content.  We want our artists to be seen and heard at public events and promotions over a long term process. This steadily and sustainably builds your profile to the public and on social media.


BELIEVE IT – Getting to the top takes a high level of drive and self belief. You have always got to remember what makes you special and focus on that, Rough Diamond supports all it’s clients helping them discover what they have to offer. We work with artists, and that’s what you have to remember. You should always focus on the passion you have for your talent!

DO IT – The final stage of the process if doing it. You need to get out there, the more people the meet the luckier you get! You can makes plans for as long as your like, but at the end of the day it’s about taking ACTION! You have to get out there and be seen, this is what Rough Diamond can for you. We provide the channels you need to make it by featuring you on talk shows,radio shows and celebrity events!

Rough Diamond PR Story

Lauren Bannon promotes album at charity event.

Pascal Craymer promotes at boxing with the stars.

Rough Diamond PR specialises in global artists management. We support a wide array of clients with different goals and unique skills sets.
Give us a call and we would be happy to discuss the opportunities at Rough Diamond PR.

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