Rough Diamond PR – Let’s do it!

Positive growth.

Rough Diamond PR specialises in managing and growing your public persona and career.

We utilise all the channels to ensure you’re always building your reputation, standing up for what you believe in and really letting your shine.

About us

Rough Diamond Management evolved through working with brands, artists and celebrity personalities over the last 20 years. Our spirit and mantra in working with our partners are always to be consistent in our approach, to grow and firmly expose and establish their talents within the most relevant marketplace.

Rough Diamond PR actively supports its clients. We help our clients develop a long-term vision and strategy to get there.

Rough Diamond spots opportunities and takes action on these. We like to be there to offer our clients guidance and encouragement to get out in the world to showcase their talent!

Rough Diamond PR has a global network of support to help get you to the public occasion so that you can increase your exposure and popularity.

The entertainment business is a chess game – Rough Diamond PR helps develop the moves of the talent we manage in order to win this game.

We guide our clients through the confusing show-business world. We use channels such as television, radio, magazines and events.

Rough diamond spot talent and work with it to lead our clients to success!