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This is what Rough Diamond PR do.


Rough Diamond Management evolved through working with brands , artists and celebrity personalities over the last 20 years. Our spirit and mantra in working with our partners is always to be consistent in our approach, to grow and firmly expose and establish their talents within the most relevant market place.

Rough Diamond’s PR’s mission is to discover, support and make a difference for emerging artists, public personalities and brands. Our client base is diverse and we believe that we operate in a limitless way, however each client or brand is handled in a bespoke way maximising their exposure and creating the right amount of impact within the media, taking and capturing what is offered. We take a customised, integrated and holistic approach to marketing independent artists and brands. Placing people and products in the relevant limelight and creating impact is what inspires us. We have a genuine passion for this. This was the fire behind the launch of the company, and our relentless drive to do things differently, remains at the core of our culture. We love working and supporting independent artists and brands, who have traditionally lacked resources, access and trusted guidance. Our goal is to provide what they need in order to be successful, with flexibility and affordability as a priority. Over time we have been involved with Lional Richie, Lee Ryan ( Blue), Molly Kings ( The Saturday’s) Tito Jackson , Peter Andre and many more.

Rough Diamond PR specialises in global artists management. We support a wide array of clients with different goals and unique skills sets.
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